Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The readers of this blog are intelligent, so I don't think I need to comment a lot on this.

What's sad is that the people who write the headlines are so gullible. When I worked for a small daily newspaper and we got press releases, we always edited the BS out. Today, people seem to reproduce online what everyone sends them.

Science Daily does a lot of that. Sometimes you have to look hard to find out what's new in one of their articles, which focus on the names of all the scientists involved, the institution where they worked, the fact that the results were published in "prestigious" journals, and suggestions that this research opens the way for new drugs to treat diabetes.

It's nice that the pork researchers are supporting low-carb diets, but the constant barrage of specific food "cures" or "preventatives" for diabetes is making patients confused and cynical and harming them in the long run.

I've posted a satirical take on the same article here.

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