Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm afraid I've been absent lately, working through a Blogger Identity Crisis.

I've been thinking about how to deal with two blogs, this one and the one at Health Central. Initially, I was using this site for longer posts and writing shorter versions of the same thing for Health Central. But that came to be too much of a chore, figuring out how to say the same thing in a briefer way, and I found I was sometimes putting off writing something for just that reason.

So I've decided to abandon that approach and write brief, more general posts for Health Central, discussing the things people always want to seem to talk about, like diet, feeling overwhelmed, exercise, trying to lose weight, whether or not to take meds, etc. I also promised to write diabetes humor posts for them.

At this site I'll focus more on new research, both in-depth discussions and brief notes about research or other items that catch my eye.

I'll be assuming that anyone reading this blog is intelligent, already knows at least a little about diabetes, and wants to understand things in greater depth. I hope this works and I won't need to undergo another Blogger Identity Crisis!


  1. Sounds good! I'll probably stick with this one, for some reason Health Central runs like a snail on Zoloft whereas this one runs like, well, a blog

  2. Trinkwasser, I have the same problem with drugged snails. Some friends have no problems. I don't understand why.