Sunday, December 23, 2018

Easy Sweet

This is a hard time of year for those of us with diabetes, especially when we're on low-carb diets. We're surrounded by sweet treats we can't have, and it's sometimes difficult to refuse. A few minutes ago, a neighbor showed up at the front door with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I thanked her and then said unfortunately I couldn't eat them because I'm diabetic. She said then I could give them to someone else, and I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I took them.

I haven't had a chocolate chip cookie for 22 years, so I decided to try a small bite. The first bite wasn't bad, so I ate the whole cookie. As a result, my blood glucose level went up to 187. Not something I want to make a habit of.

Mostly, I don't miss sweets, although I do eat homemade kefir with berries mixed in. But occasionally I do crave something intensely sweet, and I've come up with a quick solution.

I coursely grind together walnuts and 100% chocolate. You can use baking chocolate, but I find Kakosi's chocolate wafers much easier to grind. I'm sure other brands would be the same, but my favorite grocery store carries these.

Then I add some heavy whipping cream and sprinkle with some fake sugar. I like the erythritol-based sugars for this because they have crunch. If you want, you can add a few berries.

That's all there is to it. You can make it as sweet as you want, and it does satisfy that craving for sweetness.

A few years ago I posted a recipe for almost-instant chocolate cake. That's another option, but it takes a few more seconds to make and I'm always in a hurry.

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